Additional Revenue Streams

Methane Capture

With the thousands of pounds of wasted produce and other food items in landfills and composts, there is a movement towards methane capture as a viable source of income. With the burning of methane, heat generated can be converted to electrical power. When the bacteria used in composting convert the organic materials to fertilizer through anaerobic digestion, methane is created. Using a methane bio-digester, methane is captured as this process occurs. As methane is a gas that can be used to heat and power, the naturally occurring methane from the decomposition of materials will simply serve as an additional stream of revenue when collected. Therefore composting implemented on a larger scale could be used as a lucrative energy source. As an example, the Johnston landfill has begun their own methane capture program.

Organic Certification

With the growing popularity of organic products and their significantly higher prices, certifying compost organic can be a great method to add revenue to composting. With more and more organic farmers and the increasing popularity of organic products, each piece of produce can begin with organic certified compost. For those truly concerned with producing authentically organic produce, everything from the final product to the soil used must be organic, and certification could mean reaching this niche. There is a certification process through the Department of Environmental Management that uses USDA standards for organic, the process is detailed below. There are also third party certifiers that are growing in popularity and recognition. For instance, uses OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed fertilizer is used to supplement soil to ensure that their produce is truly organic. Definitions of organic may vary between certifiers and lead to different streams of revenue and potential. Part of the certification appeal must include the joining of an exclusive and tight knit community that will generate new and additional revenue streams. The “organic craze” may also increase profits as consumers flock to organically-labeled options.

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