San Francisco, California

                                     What Worked?


  • San Francisco passed the nation’s first mandatory composting law in 2009: Mandatory Recycling and Composting Ordinance

Collection of Materials

  • Standard residential services include a 64-gallon blue recycling bin, a 32-gallon green composting bin, and 16-gallon black trash bin.

Method of Composting

  • All of the city’s yard waste and food scraps are brought to Jepson Prairie Organics in Vacaville, about 60 miles northeast of San Francisco.

What’s unique?

  • Businesses are charged according to the volume of waste they present.
  • They receive discounts for using the green and blue bins, and are penalized if recyclables or compostables end up in the trash.

Take Aways

  • Local policy works in regulating waste, specifially when it comes to having residents being more aware of diverting food scraps from recyclables to trash since there are financial repercussions.

San fransicso composting

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