Meet the Team:

This is us! We are a group of Brown University students in Professor Dawn King’s ES11 (Humans, Nature, and the Environment), an introductory Environmental Studies course offered in Fall 2018. This class analyzes the relationship that individuals, communities, and institutions have with the natural environment. We also study possible sustainable solutions to the problems created by these relationships.

This course is an engaged scholar course, meaning an integral part of the semester is spent working on community-based projects. We are one of six groups, tasked to work with our community partner, Sue AnderBois, on researching composting in Rhode Island and around the world. We created this website to provide information to interested composters that will help them strengthen and expand the already thriving composting industry in Rhode Island.

20181129_132540 (1).jpg

From left to right: (front row) Lisa Yu Li, Lenika Rivas, Alexa Ara, Stina Trollbäck, Megan Yeager, U.P. Nguyen, Mason Warble, Hannah Sizelove, Emma Healy, (back row) Elizabeth Schweizer, Ilan Upfal, Johnny Boustany, Will Pate, and (our fearless leader) Logan Dreher.
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